Ryan Napier, CFP, CIM

Position: Mortgage Agent, M20002888
Phone: 647-588-3240
Website: www.ryannapier.ca

As a financial planner, I help clients realize wealth potential. In my experience, the impact of a mortgage transaction on long term wealth creation is often overlooked and misunderstood. There is also a perceived gap in financial literacy which has created a detriment for many people. My mission is to help bridge that gap to ensure that the right product is being matched with the right client.

My clients typically approach me because they are:

  1. worried about whether they are making the right financial decision when borrowing money.
  2. concerned about not having a financial plan in place or lack confidence in their existing one.
  3. frustrated about the amount of time and effort they are spending trying to understand various financial products.

Unlike most bank representatives and online agencies, the relationship I have with my clients does not end when the transaction closes. I am always available to my clients, to take the journey with them, and to help in any way I can.

When I am not working you can probably find me at the dog park, hiking in cottage country, or playing sports. I am also an avid sports watcher, with an affinity for the maple leafs, raptors, and blue jays, to name a few.

If any of this resonates, I would be happy to connect!